LMS is proud to offer your company the next generation of wireless intruder detection with genuinely wireless outdoor and indoor cameras sending images using only FM radio and not dependent on using a customer’s Wi-Fi.

Combining the images using FM with reliable outdoor detection using Octa-Quad technology and with a range of over one mile from device to panel you know the LMS system is a winner for you and your customers.

Adding up 10 indoor and outdoor cameras combined with 54 other wireless devices means no premises, whether residential or business, is too large for just one LMS wireless intruder detection system.

The advent of integrating devices has been taken one step further and so as a future facing security supplier we offer you, not only the product, but all the services and support you need from a one point contact.

We make the LMS start-up real easy for you to sell LMS wireless security and safety systems including;cropped-loko.png

  • Product Supply
  • Live training webinar with VLE
  • On-going technical support
  • IP connection for images and App
  • Live operator monitoring
  • IP connection for remote diagnostic
  • Customized demonstration cases

So ride the FM image wave to success with LMS! Contact LMS now!