A Complete Solution for Managing IP Security Services LMS Cloud is a unique service management platform that enables dealer and central monitoring stations to efficiently monitor, manage and program the security systems. Featuring:

  • Cloud-based technical management center and interactive service platform, the Cloud platform runs 24/7, 365 days a year so you don’t have to.
  • With LMS Cloud, your company can handle small or large clients for monitoring and supporting more equipment as needed. This also reduces cost per account.
  • The LMS Cloud platform acts as the back office for you and your customers to connect via IP.

More Cost-Effective and Reliable LMS Cloud has an extremely low cost per account. By using IP instead of a traditional analog modem for data communication, signals are delivered in record speed. Web Technology improves Service and Accessibility LMS Cloud allows customer customization as well as delivering new products and services. Equally important, the Cloud is accessible anywhere and at any time, making maintenance and system programming easy. Remote Toolkit LMS Cloud Remote Toolkit lets technicians program the panel, troubleshoot & resolve issues remotely. This reduces service calls to the customer- saving both you and your customer time and money!

LMS Cloud Key Features:

  • Easy-to-use web interface with accounts for staff
  • Grouping of control panels allows for easy management and configuration
  • Video verification of alarms allows monitoring stations to identify false alarms
  • Tech-support system facilitates control and tuning of intrusion equipment
  • Logs the last 256 events (including recorded images) for each connected system
  • No need for additional equipment or software on your end
  • Secured communication using https protocol
  • Enables programming of panels over IP/GPRS
  • Supports all IP communicators – GPRS and Broadband modules
  • Allows your customers to connect to their security system without the need for a fixed IP address
  • Allows remote enable/disable and user password reset for Broadband services
  • Allows software personalization through addition of a logo
  • Allows automatic Remote Routine Inspection (RRI) of the remote alarm system
  • Provides enhanced reporting system for alarms, device status and test results
  • Internal IP modules can be easily changes or upgraded, even years later as technology changes

LMS Cloud Benefits:

  • Lowers cost-per-account
  • Video Alarm Verificaction with audio options for event confirmation
  • Delivers optimal performance
  • Improves customer satisfaction and loyalty with interactive services for your home and business clients
  • Facilitates technical back-end support