loko350   LMS is a security service provider to the industry with the benefit of being a product wholesaler and security Cloud service provider.  We provide the most advanced and up to date wireless systems on the market today. LMS is a one stop shop providing all your security products and services, simplifying your business.  We offer all our value added services at a competitive rate. We are a wholesaler with a difference. We support you from product, training, installations and cloud services. We take great pride in supporting you and your customers. LMS provides the best system on the market. The LMS system is wire-free, with up to 1 mile range on all peripherals. Up to 64 zones, 3 partitions and seemingly unending user options means no premises, whether residential or business, is too large for your LMS wireless system. The devices also have a battery life that can last up to 8 years! This saves on service calls and makes for happier customers. The system features visual alarm verification via the highest quality indoor and outdoor wireless PIR cameras that transmit images using FM radio, not your customer’s network or Wi-Fi. Technology has been taken one step further. Your customers can control and monitor the premises via the LMS App. Your customer’s system operation has never been simpler or has the ease of running your business! That’s where the LMS Cloud comes in.

    The LMS Cloud provides you and your customers advanced features from anywhere in the world.  LMS Cloud will allow access for your company to effectively use an tool kit to gain a higher level of services. LMS cloud has an online toolkit which allows you to administrate, diagnose and conduct remote maintenance to your customers, saving you time and money. With LMS, you will obtain great products, greater RMR opportunities, and a larger revenue stream for your business. We make the LMS Dealer Program easy for you. We Provide:

  • Product supply
  • Live training webinars
  • On-going technical support
  • IP connection for images and App
  • Live operator monitoring
  • IP connection for remote diagnostics


Ride the wave to success with LMS!